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So as you see we run service in translation and culture exchange.  And yes, green living for life!


We have a team full of professional bilinguals in English and Chinese in different fields.  Some are westerns living in Asia, or Asians living in the West, we also have people fluent in other languages such as Russian, Japanese etc. Just name it!  With this advantage we can improve the accuracy of translation to the most cause we eliminate the lack of understanding of culture differences. ( You don't want a westerner who has lived in the West for their whole life to translate something about living in Asia or the other way around.... anyway you get me 😉 )


As for culture exchange, right now we are based in Shenzhen, China. If you are a maker, you probably have heard of this city. It's a city full of possibilities, a city full of new comers. So, don't hesitate contacting us if you wanna start up something here!  Whether it's for finding appropriate suppliers to moving here. We are sure to do it right for you!


Lastly, green living,  we believe without the Earth we are nothing. So this is a very fundamental idea for us to keep on doing for a life time. If you have the passion. Please let us know and we can start from here!


We also run another website,

Please take a look 🙂


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